Read the patch notes here:

In regards to the Cremator adjustment mentioned in the patch notes:

  • Made several adjustments to the Cremator and its mods
    • Dev Note: The Cremator released with a bug that made it stronger than we intended it to be due to the way damage was calculated with its explosion. Players who had certain perks and mods on it did much higher damage than intended. We’ve fixed that bug, which has decreased the damage for that specific setup, but we made multiple tweaks and changes to buff it in different ways. Now, the Damage Over Time (DoT) should be a force to be reckoned with.

Per the dataminers discord: “…before if you applied Demolition Expert on the 4 shot barrel it boosted 8 full rated damage hits by 60%, now it only boosts 4 of them by 60% and 4 that hit for 20.”