I remember the day the wasteland took my innocence. I was filled with the hope of rebuilding this great land when I left the vault with my family. Husband and twin sister in tow, we set off to the Overseer’s camp for our next assignments. When we arrived, we found only a note explaining that the place had been overrun. It was a different world then what we expected, how much different I was soon to find out. The note was sending us south east towards the bogs, a land we had not yet encountered.

Most the travel was uneventful, a ghoul here, a mole rat there, that was until we reached Big Bend Tunnel west when we were ambushed by Scorched. We had never seen such masses of them before, we would soon see why… The ground started vibrating, and that’s when we saw the green sonic waves heading our way. The last I remember I was thrown back looking up as my husband was carried away in the clutches of a Scorchbeast, and my sister was nowhere to be found.

What happened?

How were all the Scorched dead?

Baffled, I wandered into the tunnels to try and survive the night alone, but I wasn’t alone. Inside I found my answer, the Vultures (but that my friends is a story for another day). Years have gone by since that fateful day. A day that changed everything, and may still have bigger challenges to overcome still.

Today while out on a raid with Cavelord, I heard his screams from the opposite room, “Stop trying to kill me woman, have you gone mad?”.

Confused, I walked in laughing, asking what he was blabbering about, and there “I” was chasing after him gun drawn. Then she saw me, my long lost sister in front of my eyes. However truth be known, I don’t know if this story will have a happy ending. She couldn’t believe that I had become a Raider, she was now running with an enemy faction. I can never betray my Vulture family. So for now, we part ways peacefully…