Cursed had heard the tales about the scavvers up at Emmett Mountain – A group of wasters ran by that mining bird Marion, they seemed to have a pretty sweet gig there up there scavin’ all that specialised highly radioactive ore from the disposal site. It was time to pay them a “visit”.

After getting sick and tired of his rad emitter traps breaking so fucking quickly, Cursed decides it is time to trek out to source some fresh high-end rad materials to fix the problem. Knowing that his rad suit has seen better days, he knew he had to go in there with some extra protection, some Radshield he’d grabbed off one of the few Vulture friendly merchants; that crazy old Doc “Hazard-Dezz”, before they’d had been captured (Dezz supposed eaten) by a gang of scorched super mutants.

It was a strangely calm, but misty night when Cursed set off for Emmett Mountain. He travelled alone, like he normally does and in no time he had arrived at the outskirts of the disposal site. It was a touch past midnight when he saw the last of the rad scavvers leave the underground mine entrance, they were all now resting in their tents nearby.

Cursed equips his old rad suit (held together with duct tape & rusted steel), picks the locks on the main door and silently enters the mine he then doses the hell out of himself with that Radshield. He starts running at full speed towards the bottom of the mine, taking a hard left turn then trekking deeper and deeper until he can start to feel his skin tingling hot and his bones starting to ache. He knows he is close to that precious high yield rad material, and he knows he needs to get some now and fuck out of there quick!!

After what felt like an eternity, Cursed finally made his way back up the broken mine to the entrance. He’s noticed now he was feeling a bit sick, and a bit weaker in the knees than normal. Although he’s nearly covered head to toe in radioactive water & ooze, as well as some weird black silt shit plus some other fucking sticky gunk he’s made it, he’s made it out alive. He is now not far from Solomon’s pond, where it is time to rest up there before trekking home.

“Thank fuck for that Radshield from that piece of shit Doc Hazard-Dezz, and for my fucked up decontamination suit holding up” he says to himself… but then it happens, he swiftly falls forward into a heap, he only briefly catches a glimpse of the torrent of black sludgy blood bellowing out of his mouth as he abruptly blacks out, lying still now – face first in his own disgusting fluids.